Fresno Wrongful Death Attorney

Every family who loses a beloved family member suffers unique and individual losses, and experiences the resulting pain and suffering differently. Netzer & Malmo will assist you in identifying, quantifying and valuing these losses so that your case is fully understood and prosecuted to maximize your family’s recovery. Nothing can replace what has been taken from your family; however, the N&M claims management process assures that every compensable item of loss is identified and included in the recovery process.

Quantifying the loss of a loved one into a financial settlement or judgment is an offensive and near impossible task, but monetary remuneration is the only method our judicial system has to compensate your family. The journey from the loss of a loved one to monetary recovery in a wrongful death case can be a long, upsetting and complicated process, exacerbated by constant anguish, and often worsened by the financial hardship that accompanies losing a financial contributor to the family. Retaining Netzer & Malmo as your legal advocate gives you the peace of mind to know your legal matter is safe in the compassionate, competent hands of highly experienced wrongful death attorneys.

N&M is a full service law firm dedicated solely to representing people and families just like yours; your wrongful death claim is professionally handled from loss to settlement, award, verdict or judgment. You have the exclusive authority over whether to settle a case. Attorneys consistently provide N&M clients with caring, written updates detailing the status of their legal matter, including relevant case information and explanations of the claims and litigation process.

In the San Joaquin Valley, the name Netzer & Malmo is synonymous with the zealous representation and advocacy of members of our community who have suffered catastrophic personal loss. See what N&M clients are saying about the lawyers they rely upon when they or a loved one is injured or taken from them.

The Netzer & Malmo legal team is always available to evaluate and advise you on your wrongful death case. Please contact us now to discuss your matter. No payment is required to discuss the merits of your case, and no legal fee is owed unless and until a financial recovery is made for you.