Fresno Injured Children Attorney

As a parent, you feel the pain an injury causes your child stronger than had the physical injury been suffered by you. After an injury, your priorities are to secure the best medical and legal services available to your child. In the San Joaquin Valley, the name Netzer & Malmo is synonymous with the zealous representation and advocacy of injured children of our community. Centrally based in Fresno, California, injured families come from all over the state to secure effective representation for their children, and for good reason. The prosecution of an injury claim on behalf of a child is different than for that of adults, requiring the skilled representation of attorneys experienced in the representation of children. See what N&M clients are saying about the lawyers they rely upon when a bodily injury forever changes their lives.

After a child is injured, access to medical treatment must be the first priority. Immediate needs should be addressed at emergency rooms and urgent care clinics; however, injuries often require ongoing or specialized medical attention which can be difficult to quickly access, even for those of us fortunate enough to have medical insurance coverage. The attorneys of Netzer & Malmo have been working in conjunction with the medical community for over two decades, and have developed relationships with pediatricians, medical doctors, radiologists, specialists, chiropractors and therapists to maximize N&M access to immediate medical care. Your first call to find the right medical resources for treatment of a personal injury is here.

Every child who suffers a personal injury has unique and individual losses, and experiences the pain and suffering of injury differently. Netzer & Malmo will assist you in identifying, quantifying and valuing these losses so that your child’s claim is fully understood and prosecuted to maximize your recovery. No one is ever fully compensated for the loss of enjoyment of life caused by an injury; however, the N&M claims management process assures that every compensable item of loss is identified and included in the recovery process.

The journey from bodily injury to monetary recovery in a personal injury case can be a long, frustrating and complicated process. Retaining Netzer & Malmo as your legal advocate gives you the peace of mind to know your child’s personal injury matter is safe in the caring, competent hands of highly experienced personal injury attorneys. N&M is a full service law firm dedicated solely to representing the injured; your child’s bodily injury claim is professionally handled from injury to settlement, award, verdict or judgment. N&M clients have the exclusive authority over whether to settle a child’s case, and no settlement on behalf a child is binding until it is carefully reviewed and approved by a Superior Court judge. Investment options such as interest bearing accounts and annuities are identified and explained to assist you in assuring your child’s future medical and financial needs are safeguarded post settlement. Attorneys consistently provide N&M clients with written updates detailing the status of their legal matter, including relevant information and explanations of the claims and litigation process.

Netzer & Malmo has developed an application for smart phone users to record information from an accident scene. This is an invaluable tool for N&M client’s use to record and preserve the key evidence that exists only at the scene of an injury to assure the facts necessary to prove your case are gathered and securely maintained for your attorneys. Download the N&M Personal Injury Attorney Smartphone Application here.

The Netzer & Malmo personal injury team is always available to evaluate and advise you on your child’s personal injury case. Please contact us now to discuss your matter. No payment is required to discuss the merits of your case, and no legal fee is owed unless and until a financial recovery is made for you.